For strength training we alternated push presses (bar from shoulder to overhead) and deficit pushups (hands on weights so you stretch more to get your chest to the ground).  I did 80 lbs on the push press.  I really wanted to do 5 lbs more to get a new personal best but it wasn’t happening that day.

The workout was as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:

  • 10 Box Jumps
  • 20 Kettle Bell Swings with a 35# kettle bell

I did 4 full rounds and 2 extra box jumps.  I just was not moving well this day.

That night the husband took me to his gym to sign up to use the pool.  It is a fancy gym.  It is quite a culture shock from a CrossFit box.  It has air conditioning.  There are machines.  I watched people drinking soda from a fast food cup while on the treadmill.  There is also a sauna and a steam room.  I like that.  Even when it is super hot I like the sauna.

The husband said that on the one really hot day they had iced towels for people to use after they came off the treadmills in the air conditioned gym.  On that day at my gym we got to run outside but we did get to do our cool down stretches under the ceiling fan.


I went swimming after work.  I don’t know how to breathe properly when swimming laps.  I looked online and found some exercises to try.  I used a kickboard and just practiced breathing.  I feel like I inhaled half the pool.


Went to the fancy gym and worked on my deadlift.  I wanted to see what my one rep max would be.  I managed to get up to 205 lbs.  Then I went swimming.  I only did 10 lengths alternating my crappy crawl and backstroke.  I can breathe right for a few strokes and then I start inhaling water.  Oh well, it is getting better I guess.


It is a special week at the gym.  It is the CrossFit games.  My trainer is out there with the woman from here that is competing.  Instead of regular classes we are having skill practices.  Today was kipping.  I need help with that so I went in.  (When the husband saw me getting ready he was confused.  I said I was going to a special class.  He asked if I had been bad. Nope, I’m just remedial.)

Kipping is when you use your body to get momentum to make pull ups or toes to bar moves easier.  The class did help me a lot.  He went back to step one and talked us through it.  When you do the kip your legs and abs drive your body most of the way up to the bar.  I got about halfway up which is more than I’ve ever done before.  My hands hurt though from all the pull up work.

We did a workout of 21 reps then 15 reps then 9 reps of:

  • Deadlifts – I did 105#.
  • Burpees

I did it in 6:44.  The deadlifts made my hands cry after the pull ups.


I skipped my class this morning.  I feel like such a rebel!  I have a long busy day planned.  It is my first day “off” in a while and I have to go do a Quilts of Valor guild talk tonight.  I wanted to have an easy lazy morning.

The CrossFit Games Masters Division starts today and goes through Thursday.  You can watch at  I’ll be glued to the Ladies 60+ division.  If you think that can’t be all that impressive just go take a look.  One of the competitors routinely laps me on runs and lifts more weight than I can even consider.  She’s even been known to pick up bars for me when I drop them and can’t lift them back to the rack.  Today starts with 5 rounds of a 400 m run and 15 overhead squats.

4 Replies to “Fitness Tuesday”

  1. It’s been so long since I went swimming, I have a feeling I’d have trouble finding the rhythm of the breath as well. At least you’re trying, and that’s more than some people can say.

  2. I love a steam room in the winter when my sinuses have problems draining. We have a gym nearby with one. I’m not a member but I get a day pass once in awhile to take advantage of all the cool machines and the whirlpool and steam room.

  3. I’m building my list of what to do next… something holistic… Have you taken any classes through Kripalu or any other programs? I would like to find a self study but a weekend retreat would be magical.

    Are you still doing acupuncture with animals?

    I loved worlds strongest man in the 90’s… I might have to look at this crossfit games! 🙂

    Have a great week.

    1. I haven’t taken any formal yoga classes. I’d love to go to Kripalu. I think even a weekend there would be fun. I’ve done the yoga classes on They have a free class every week and you can download other classes for a few dollars.

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