I blew off my CrossFit class because I had been up early chasing a dog.  I did manage to go swimming after work for a bit.


Some more swimming.  Swimming posts are sort of boring and lacking in details because I don’t count laps or anything.  I mostly just play around for about 20-30 minutes.


Yoga class

That afternoon I went for a 4 mile walk.  I was going to time it but realized that I forgot to check the clock before I left.  Fail!  I know I got back at 4:22 which is not helpful at all.


We did a lot of squats today.  I started with 30 reps at 55 lbs then 20 reps at 70 lbs, 10 reps at 75, and 5 reps at 85.

The workout was for 7 minutes.  It started with 3 slam balls.  You take a small 20 lb medicine ball, hold it above your head, then throw it to the ground while you squat so you can catch it when it bounces an inch or so off the ground. After that we did 3 toes to bar.  In my case it was knees to somewhere mid-waist.  The next time through you add 3 reps.  Keep going for the 7 minutes.  I got up to 18 reps where I got all the slam balls and 9 of the knees to waist.


I’m gearing up to do the Whole Life Challenge again starting on Sept 7.  I did this diet and exercise challenge last fall.  It made some lasting changes for me like not buying any processed food to have at home in the last year.  Unfortunately, my diet has been crap this summer and I’ve gained the 15 lbs I lost during the last challenge back.  The challenge is basically a whole foods paleo diet but vegetarians get some special exemptions.  We get to eat quinoa and buckwheat.  That’s a lifesaver because udon noodles can be made with buckwheat and after 2 months I was craving some pasta.  This year, we get to eat brown rice.  I was absurdly excited.  I don’t even eat rice all that much and I’m thrilled.  Stir frys!

To document what I eat and to get inspiration during the challenge I signed up for Instagram.  I’m @eatsveggies.  My camera phone sucks but it makes me have some accountability.