We started with Bulgarian split squats.  They look like this.


It is easier to see than to describe. I did 5 sets of 5 on each leg with 33 lbs.

In between sets we did box jumps.

The workout was:

  • 3 wall climbs – start laying down (my favorite part!) with feet touching the wall.  Go into a plank and then walk your feet up the wall.  Walk your arms back until your chest touches the wall and walk back out to plank.  Or, get your feet up on the wall, get stuck, move your hands around a bit, and then fall down.  I’ll let you guess which I chose.
  • 6 dips
  • 9 pull ups

We did that for 4 minutes and I did 36 reps.  Then we rested 2 minutes and started over for 6 minutes.  I did 54 reps.  Rest 2 minutes and then go for 8 minutes.  I did 63 reps.


For strengths we did 3 sets of 3 front squats and 3 overhead presses.  I did 75#.

The workout was:

  • 100 overhead squats with a 33# bar

Then 3 rounds of:

  • 5 kettle bell swings at 55# – I can barely do these with any kind of control at that weight.
  • 20 double unders or 51 singles

I did it in 8:36.  After that my coach made me do an additional 3 minutes of double under practice because I was doing mostly singles in the workout.  My legs were dead from all the squats.