We started with split jerks.  That is taking the bar from your shoulders to overhead while jumping your feet apart.  The jump gives you more momentum on the bar.  I did 90 lbs.  That’s 10 lbs more than I did previously.

We did core work.  We did one minute each of:

  • Hollow rock – feet and shoulders off the ground and rock
  • Plank hold on elbows
  • V-ups
  • Russian twists with a 25 lb plate

Then we repeated the sequence.

The workout was 21 reps then 15 reps then 9 reps of:

  • Hang squat cleans – bar from hips to chin while squatting.  I did 55 lbs which is light for me.  I was going too fast at first and kept hitting myself with the bar at the top of the lift.  I was bruised on my chest for a few days.
  • Box jumps

After each round we had to do 150 jump ropes.

I did it in 12:01.


I went to the pool to swim laps but the lap pool heater was broken.  I freeze in that pool normally so I hung out in the bathwater-like therapy pool.


We warmed up with 3 minutes of rowing and then lots of air squats.

We did squats again.  I did 30 at 85 lbs, 20 at 105 lbs, 10 at 115 lbs, and 5 at 125.  My right hip is messed up.  I had a massage yesterday that was super painful to try to help it.  It doesn’t hurt as much yet but it isn’t working right still.  I’m stretching a lot but I’m not sure if that’s helping or hurting at this point.

We did another 500 meter row.  I did it in 2:35.

Our core work was holding a crunch for 10 seconds 5 times and holding a back extension for 10 seconds 5 times.

The workout was tire flipping and burpees for 5 minutes.  I had a partner for my tire.  I’m not sure how much the tire weighed.  Probably between 250-350 lbs.  We had to flip the tire and then do a burpee and jump up onto the tire.  Then flip twice and do 2 burpees.  Then do 3.  We got through the tire flips on round 6 and did 2 burpees in that round.