Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

These were swimming days.  Thursday was pretty normal but then I talked to my father about a mutual friend who swims 100 laps several times a week.  I believe I’ve mentioned my unfortunate tendency to competitiveness.  So, Saturday I decided to take it up a bit.  I decided to swim 1000 meters.  That’s 20 laps.

The husband questioned this plan when I admitted what I was doing.  He may have had a point seeing that my previous unbroken breaststroke maximum distance was 2 laps.  But, I was already on lap 15 by that time and there is nothing like composing celebratory blog posts in your head to keep you going.

I went back on Sunday and did it again.  I may have done more.  I suck at counting laps.  I honestly got confused at, “Was that lap 2 or 3?”  So every time I was confused I took the lower number.  I did 20 laps.  I may have done as many as 25.  I get confused a lot.


Back to the gym for a special 25 minute long New Year’s Eve workout.

  • Row 2014 meters

In the remaining time (15 minutes for me) do as many rounds as possible of:

  • 20 box jumps
  • 14 front squats  – I did 75 lbs since we had to pick the bar up off the floor.
  • 20 ball slams – 20 lb ball
  • 14 kettle bell swings – 35 lbs

I got through 2 rounds and was on the front squats in round three.  I freely admit I cheated on this one.  I cut the number of squats and slams short a few times.  I was dying.  Rowing kills my legs.  I was also on round 2 before I realized that the number of reps referred to 2014 so it should be easy to remember how many to do and I shouldn’t have to look at the board each time.