We worked on back squats. We did 6 sets of 6 so we didn’t go super heavy. Even at a lighter weight I was feeling sort of weak. I only went up to 125.

Then we did bench press. We did 3 sets of 10. I did 55 lbs and that got heavy. Bench press is my weakest lift.

The workout was an easy one. We did 5 rounds of:

  • 2 rope climbs or 4 pull-to-stands
  • 180 m sprint

I did it in 5:37.

Friday and Sunday

These were swimming days.  I worked on getting more streamlined on Sunday.  I cut about 15 seconds off my length time.

Then I had a major freak out on the poor husband about how weak I am especially in the upper body.  He made points but I didn’t listen to them because he wasn’t being properly sympathetic.  Then he told me that I was just “going to have to put some work in” and I would like to have a medal for not having strangled him – which probably would have counted as upper body work, I’d like to point out.  He may have a point that I think I’m weak and fat and out of shape because I’m comparing myself to my Crossfit classmates and not to the average person.


We warmed up with 7 minutes of rowing – easy for 30 seconds and fast for 30 seconds.

Our first strength work was 6 sets of 3 cleans.  That’s ground to shoulder.  I have a mental hurdle at 95 lbs.  I’ve been able to get it sometimes but not most of the time.  I’ve been thinking about this because we haven’t done this in a while and I felt like I could get it now.  I did do two sets of three at 95 lbs.  I tricked myself.  I used only 10 and 5 lb weights on the bar so it didn’t look so heavy.  In fact my trainer came over and asked why I was looking at the bar like it was heavy.  I replied that it was heavy and she had to add up the little plates I had on to see that I was at 95 lbs then.  I did manage to get 100 lbs once.  It wasn’t pretty and I missed it a bunch of times but I did it!

Then we did stone to shoulder.  We were supposed to do 15 with a heavier stone than we normally use.  I stepped up to 95 lbs.  Lifting these are all about technique and momentum.  (Most of weight lifting is and I hate it when they say that about things I’m uncoordinated at.)  But, I’m pretty good at these.  The 95 lb stone was no problem.

The workout was 45 seconds on and then 15 second rest of:

  • Air squats – repeat that 5 times
  • Then go to 20 inch box step ups – repeat 5 times
  • Then burpees – repeat 5 times

All together I did 217 reps.  Keeping count of the reps was the hardest part.

Yeah, so I got PRs on all the upper body work today.  Maybe I need to freak out more often.