I spent the rest of last week in Vegas and Utah. My only exercise was walking. There was a lot of walking and some of it was uphill. I figure I was averaging at least 6 miles a day.

I ate a lot of food but with the walking I ended up losing 2 lbs last week.

You can see my posts about hiking in Zion on the first easy day and the OMG, I’m gonna die second day.


I was back to CrossFit this morning where apparently they can’t handle a week without me and all hell broke loose. There has been a restructuring and most of the trainers quit. They imported trainers from their other gym to cover for now. I’m starting to think teaching our class is bad luck for trainers. I’ve lost track of how many we’ve had now.

We did a 800 m row to warm up and then some stretching. Our strength was snatches – floor to overhead. We did 4 sets of 8 at a low weight (55 lbs for me) focusing on technique.

The workout was 5 rounds of:

  • 22 wall balls with 14 lb ball
  • 24 box jumps
  • 11 pull ups or ring rows.  I did the rows.

I started off good and then crashed.  We had a 20 minute time cap and I got through 4 rounds and did 5 more wall balls.