Our warmup was box jumps (I was jumping onto the little box which is maybe 18 inches high) and pushups. We did 15 of each then 10 then 5. The owners of the gym bought some Atlas stones. You know on the World’s Strongest Man competitions when they have to carry the big huge stones from place to place? Those are Atlas stones. The guys thought they were cool. We practiced lifting them from the floor to our shoulders. I was using the littlest one but they aren’t marked with the weight. Maybe it was around 45-50 lbs? I had the marks of the stone imprinted on my shoulder for days.

The workout was 3 rounds of:
1 deadlift (I did 105 lbs)
2 Muscle ups – hang below a set of rings. Pull yourself up until your arms are straight and your upper body is above the rings. Sure. If you laughed in disbelief at that like I did you got to do 6 rows on the rings and 6 dips. It was ugly!
3 cleans – Take the bar from floor to shoulders. I did 53 lbs.
4 handstand pushups or 12 pike pushups

I did 3 rounds in 7:17.

Afterwards I had a question about changing some contact info. I ended up being alone with the trainer in the gym. Bad, bad move. He asked me how I was doing and if I was getting what I wanted out of the program. I thought we were just chatting. I’m so stupid sometimes. I said that I was getting stronger but that I still hadn’t lost any weight. He asked how my diet was. I said I thought I was doing pretty well. He said, “Ok then. For the next two weeks text me a picture of everything that you are going to eat.” Crap.


I had to figure out my maximum one rep weight for each move:

Back squat – bar off the rack onto your shoulders behind your head and then squat. I did 135 lbs.
Press – bar off rack and then pressed overhead. I did 65.
Deadlift – Bar on ground stand up with arms kept straight so the lift comes all from your legs. I did 155 lbs.

Because I’m so much stronger in my lower body I had the bar on the rack at 135 lbs for the back squat and thought that would be a good place to start for the deadlift. But I couldn’t lift the bar off the rack to get it on the ground. I had to take it all apart, move it piece by piece, and reassemble it on the ground.


So by now I’m paranoid about eating. I send a picture and sometimes while I’m eating I get a reply which may or may not be yelling at me. I’ve been extra diligent though. I keep thinking, “What would Brian do?” Actually Brian likes high protein diets and he was really yelling at me for not eating right until I explained that I’m a vegetarian. He’s lowered his expectations now. LOL

I had to go to Kohl’s and while I was there I decided to try on shorts because I need new nice ones. I always have to try on lots of sizes because I range all over the place. I grabbed two different sizes.

My theory of clothing sizes:

There is the size I was in high school when I was considered the fat girl
One size bigger is the size I got down to in my divorce
One size bigger than that is the size that I’d be pretty happy with right now
One size bigger than that is unacceptable but I’ve had to buy it recently
Anything bigger than that is Lane Bryant which is my personal No Go. I mean, the stuff in the window is pretty but that’s my mental breaking point. If I can’t buy my clothes in a regular store then I would have gone too far. If I’m being honest with myself (which I try to avoid as much as possible) the next two sizes lower may appear occasionally in Lane Bryant but I don’t have to shop there.

So I grabbed the unacceptable size and the pretty happy size. I didn’t like the style of the unacceptable size. I tried on the pretty happy size and I wasn’t crazy about that style either. Then I realized. I wasn’t happy with the style. IT FIT. It wasn’t that I could get it zipped but it was too tight to wear out in public like has been the case recently. So then I went out and grabbed more stuff in that size. It all fit including the demin. Sure, it had some spandex in it but it fit! All this working out is finally kicking in!


We did snatches which is bar from the floor to an overhead press. I did 53 lbs. Then we did seated overhead presses with a bar. I could only do 43.

The workout was rowing intervals for 15 minutes. We did 20 second sprints then 40 seconds of easy rowing. My longest distance on the sprint was 80 m. We were doing this and the trainer was telling the guy next to me to work harder. He pointed out that he had only gotten 78 m on that sprint. He looked at my machine and said, “She got 73 and you only 78.” I asked if I was the standard for bad now. He patted me on the shoulder and said I was doing very well but he said it in a “Let’s talk the crazy lady off the ledge” tone. I forgive him though since he’s had to nutritionally counsel a vegetarian and it’s probably making his carnivore mind crazy. LOL. Oh well, he asked for it!

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