On Thanksgiving my mother showed me two albums of postcards that belonged to her grandmother. I knew this great-grandmother as a 90+ year old woman in a wheelchair when I was a little kid. These are the postcards of a brazen hussy.

Some of them are from relatives and some are souvenirs that she bought on trips but the ones I took pictures of were ones she sent to her intended in 1907.


Most of them don’t say anything on the back. She lets the pictures speak for themselves.


This one has the notation on the front, “Zella and I, Bye and Bye.” Zella was her name so her beau must have written it after he got it.

Sometimes there are brief notes.

“Hel-lo Mr Herron” I can’t read that in anything other than a sassy tone.

The back of this one said that that would be them in 5 years’ time.

This picture is labelled with their names and then the back says:

“This beats the wheat shack all to smash” What, exactly, were you getting up to in the wheat shack, young lady?

I was hesitant to look but there was no message on this one. Guess there didn’t need to be.

My mom said there was one that gave a time when her parents were going to be gone and a suggestion that they meet up in the orchard. Kids these days!

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