Happy 4th of July everyone!

My brother and sister-in-law came down for the past two days. That was fun. We mostly just hung out and ate. In the future though I should probably mention that there is a cold air return running from the basement room where guests stay directly to the side of my bed. That way I may not be jarred from a sound sleep by the noctural intimate encounters of my guests. The husband just muttered, “Well, that certainly didn’t last long,” and went back to watching TV. They’d be so embarrassed if they knew.

I am also the proud new owner of a Mac Mini! I bought it today. I’m not actually writing this on it because it is made for better technology than I have. It doesn’t have a modem. It assumes broadband and/or networks. So I’m on the old computer until I get an external modem.

This is my first store bought computer. My dad was a technology person for a school and whenever they upgraded we got the old computers. At least that’s what he claimed. We always joked that he was stealing them. He retired last week and my brother and I took a moment to mark the end of a era when I actually became the first person in my family to pay for a computer. (He did send a “stolen” monitor down with my brother to hook to the mini so we aren’t totally respectable yet.)