Happy Solitice! I first starting thinking about paganism in the fall. I really liked the mindset around the winter soltice that the days were starting to get longer even though most people think of it as the beginning of winter. I wondered if I would like the theory as much when people were saying that it was the first day of summer and I’m thinking that the days are starting to get shorter. I was right. I don’t. Seems so pessimistic.

I wasn’t feeling well this morning so I was up at about 4:00 AM. I had also been driven from my bedroom because I was trapped between a husband and a cat who each wanted the majority of my share of the bed. About 5:00 AM I wandered outside. The fence was making loud popping noises so I went to investigate. It was so light outside! If I didn’t know better I would have guessed it was abut 8:00 AM. It was really foggy though. Absolutely amazing. Longest day combined with a full moon. I left the horses out all night so I satisfied myself that the fence wasn’t about to explode (just dew on the wire) and that the horses (read – Prize) hadn’t decided to go walkabout and went back inside.

I checked the bed and the husband was contentedly cuddled with the cat. Score – husband 3/4 of bed, cat 1/4 so I slept on the couch.


Ever since I moved here I have tried off and on to feed the birds. That shouldn’t be hard, right? I was a complete failure. I blamed it on the raptors that circle overhead here. But I would see birds and when I put out a feeder they would disappear. I just tried again last week. It is working this time! The birds are eating from it. I’m so proud.

We’ve been seeing a few hummingbirds so I just dug out the hummingbird feeder that was totally rejected last summer. We’ll see if anyone will eat out of it this year.