I just found out about Satan’s Bookclub through Faustisbookquest. The idea is to read and discuss books guaranteed to send you straight to Hell, handbasket optional. By strange coincidence, or demonic intervention, I happened to be in the middle of reading the very book they are discussing. Lamb, the Story of Biff, Christ’s childhood friend by Christopher Moore. Apparently I can pick the evil books without guidance.

I think this is a great idea for an online book club. They are going to pick books that are being protested, banned, or otherwise maligned by conservative Christians and read them. The thing is I would have loved this club even when I was a good little Christian. (The first time I saw the little fish with legs that says Darwin instead of Christ I laughed hysterically. It occured to me that the goal was probably to offend me but that make me laugh harder.) No wonder the Christianity didn’t stick.