It came as a total shock to me when I read Steph’s site that it was the Solstice. This is a shock because I’ve had “the solstice is next Wednesday” firmly in my head. Further reflection lead me to realize that it has been firmly in my head for at least a week.

I have increased my walking ability to the point where I was able to go to the grocery store yesterday and use a real cart. I leaned on it and used it as a crutch. Today I did some yoga. I haven’t done that since 6 weeks ago today when I made a solemn vow to do some yoga every morning. Twelve hours later I was driving my broken self to the emergency room. I’m pretty sore now after the session but I modified everything so it wasn’t too stressful. No lunges or standing only on the bad leg or anything stupid like that.

Now since the Solstice has snuck up on me I am going to read about the holiday.