hexy mf

I spread out the hexagons I have done for Hexy MF to see what they would look like together. I like it so far. Just a gazillion more to go!

For new people here – I’m starting a monthly hexy swap. You can find all the details here. Briefly, we are swapping sets of basted 1″ hexagons with a monthly color scheme.  You don’t have to sew them together so it is fast to swap and if you don’t make flowers with you can make whatever you like.  So far we have 6 people signed up to play but we’d love to have more.  It starts in January.


I’m linking up to

splish splash stash


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  1. always a gazillion more to go, right? =) but it’s looking very nice so far. winter should give us some more downtime for stitching in the evenings. maybe. once the holidays are over, anyway! your swap sounds like a great idea. I’m focused solely on my wheels right now, so i’ll have to pass, but it’ll be great for all the hexie lovers out there!

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