I had a swimming breakthrough this week.

Last Tuesday I was swimming laps with the husband. I usually do 3 lengths of backstroke and then one of breaststroke. I have to start the breaststroke from the deep end so if I get tired by the end of the length I can put my feet down in the shallow end. I’m paranoid like that.

I was ready to start a breaststroke length and the husband was about 2 body lengths in front of me in the next lane. I decided to see if I could keep pace with him because he’s a much better swimmer than me. I did the length and then turned around to see how far ahead of me on his next length he was. Turns out I had passed him and he came up sputtering.

“….moving like a destroyer through the water and I’m like a lumbering aircraft carrier.” I’m not sure where the naval similes came from. I was still in shock.

“You know what your problem is? You get good at whatever you try.”
“Do not.”
“Yes, you are a perfectionist.”
“Am not!”
“You are a closet perfectionist. You study.”
Ok, so maybe I’ve watched a few videos just to understand how I was supposed to be swimming.

After that I went back to my 3 backstroke/1 breaststroke routine. One time I got tired on the breaststroke and stopped halfway and then restarted. He was sputtering about that too. Turns out he was trying to catch me and I stopped. He thought it was to let him catch up. He should know I’m not that nice. I tried to explain that I get excited when I can go the whole length of the pool without stopping and he can swim all day long but he’s not having it. He was muttering about need to concentrate on his form more for speed. I thought about offering him some video links but didn’t want him to drown me. LOL.

So after that I decided to work harder on swimming since I seem to be getting the hang of it. (And I’m not competitive. Not at all!) My left leg still doesn’t want to cooperate but my other 3 limbs are good. I’m doing 1 length backstroke/ 1 length breaststroke for a harder workout and a few times I did full laps of the breaststroke.


Today was one of the long time member’s birthday.  He got to design the workout.  We now hate him for the day.  He hates himself too so it is ok.

He’s 32 today so it was as many rounds as possible in 32 minutes of:

  • 17 box jumps
  • 15 back squats – I did 85 lbs.
  • 17 burpees
  • 15 front squats with the same weight
  • 17 GHD sit ups

I did 2 full rounds and got all the way through the front squats on a third round.  I kept hoping that I wouldn’t get to the front squats again since they hurt my arms but no such luck.