We worked on snatches – bar from hips to overhead. The weight was fairly light to work on form. I did 65 lbs.

After that we did two sets of 500 m rows with a 3 minute rest in between. My times were 2:30 and 2:21.

The workout was 2 rounds of:

  • 25 wall balls
  • 25 sit ups with the ball
  • 25 walking lunges with the ball overhead

I was using a 20 lb ball and it whooped me.  It was especially hard for me to do the lunges and keep the ball overhead.

I was out of town all weekend so I didn’t work out.


We did a 300 m row to start the warm up and then grabbed a sandbag.  I don’t know how much they weigh.  We did 3 rounds of:

  • lunges the length of the gym
  • 10 squats
  • 10 pushups with our hands on the bag

Then we did 30 squat cleans with the bag.

Our strength work today was farmer’s carry.  I ended up doing 100 m with 90 lbs in each hand.  I could probably carry more but I don’t have the grip strength.

The workout was as many rounds as possible of:

  • 6 stones to shoulder lifts.  I used a 75 lb stone.
  • 10 GHD sit ups

I did 2 full rounds and the stones again plus 3 sit ups.