It is mighty hot here. I don’t think it is supposed to routinely get to 100 in this area. Yesterday morning when it was a relatively chilly 80 I went for a walk. I left Freckles home despite much application of sad face because it too hot for a long haired black dog. Apparently I don’t have the sense to stay out of it myself. I did shorten the planned four miles to three.

Riley is still three-legged but he’s adapted and is mighty quick now. He busted out of the door yesterday, went two feet, and sat down. I guess he was flabbergasted about the heat. I picked him up and took him back inside without any fuss. 

Freckles tried to join us on the porch last night but decided that it was way too hot and we were fools. She demanded to go back inside. Spoiled rotten central air requiring pets!  We had power outages a few times yesterday afternoon and evening. It was still stuffy at bedtime with no fans or AC. Freckles was hot and being a drama queen about it. She’d go lay on the floor then come back up to the bed. Every move was punctuated with huge sighs and ostentatious panting. We told her she could go downstairs where it was cooler but she feels her place is sleeping with the humans on the bed.  I was about to throw her in the shower and wet her down to cool her off when the power came back on. Then she could sleep. 

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