I found my dream home yesterday. I actually looks just like this house and it is super duper scarily cheap. (Cheap is important to me. I really want to buy a foreclosure.) Obviously there has to be a major issue with it. On the pictures it shows that it is bordered on one side by parking lots. That could be good or bad. Doctor’s offices – ok. Biker bar – bad.

So we went on the website’s street view map and started virtually driving down the street. We could see across the next intersection was a Walgreen’s. Actually, I could see that. I have horrible distance vision without my glasses and it amazes me how little of the shape of a logo I need to be able to see to recognize a store. We “drove” down the street and saw that next to the Walgreen’s was an old-time 1 screen movie theater that was still in operation when this picture was taken. That was a few years ago based on the movie playing. Then we turned around to see what bordered the house. I think I started to quiver. There was a small shopping center with two stores. One was a Chipotle. I love Chipotle. I forget what the other one was because I was focused on the next building over. We couldn’t see a sign but I knew what that architecture had to mean. The SO muttered, “I’d never see you again.” I grabbed my phone to do a quick address search to confirm. A library! Chipotle and a library!

Turns out that we’d need the Chipotle. The house doesn’t have a kitchen. It has a room that could be a kitchen. Currently there is a 1940’s refrigerator and a farm sink in it. How do people live without a kitchen? There was a house a block from us that sold last year that didn’t have a kitchen. I couldn’t quite grasp the concept but now I’ve seen pictures of how it could happen. It really isn’t fair to tease me with that location and then have the house not hold up its end of the deal.