Are you ready for an adventure? Over the course of this blog I’ve built a house then I moved in with the SO to a house in constant renovation. Those both made for good photo ops. Now this house is 99% finished just the way we want it and just because I hate to bore you….

We’re Moving!

We found out two days ago. It doesn’t come as a complete and total shock because the SO has been applying for jobs all over the country and once in Italy. (I explained that our pets don’t even like car rides so how are they moving to Italy and he said that was ok because we were only allowed to take two anyway. There was glaring after that.)

I just knew that he was going to get this job though. How did I know this? Because I don’t want to move there and I don’t think he should work for this agency. Obviously, this job was a shoo-in!

Why I don’t want to move there:

1. Snow – It is 1.5 hours north east of here. It is therefore closer to Lake Erie. I grew up near Lake Erie. If you live anywhere else let me explain the joys of “Lake Effect Snow.” The Great Lakes have their own weather. Wet air comes off the lake and over the coastline. Then it starts hitting higher elevations a few miles inland. Then it dumps the snow. The area in PA where this happens is centered over my parents’ house. I’ve spent the last 20 years at least part of the time south of the Lakes. When my parents say that they have three feet of snow, I respond with “That’s why I don’t live there.” I enjoy this. I am now moving north. Granted, it isn’t quite up to the snowbelt of that area but there is more snow than here.

2. The SO will now be working for an agency that I’ve spent the last four year listening to him swear about and daydream about violence about. He also just sued them in federal court. Yay, let’s get a job there. He points out that the people he swears at are in another office building altogether and he will probably never see them.

Over the last 48 hours I’ve pretty much stopped swearing. I think that’s mature of me. Because it is fairly close I will stay here until either a) I get a job or b) the house sells. With my luck lately, the house will probably sell in a week and then I’ll be totally unemployed. Of course there are no jobs listed anywhere near there. I’m thinking of trying to make my own job. More about that later.

The SO’s major hobby for the past several months has been cruising real estate websites for every town he’s applied for a job in. He wanted me to look too but I told him I’d talk about it with him when he got a job. Today I happened to be driving up to this area anyway to start my acupuncture internship (which was awesome by the way) so he had me drive through some neighborhoods.

This is pretty much why I stopped swearing. There was a beautiful area with parks every few blocks.

***I just stopped writing to look up if there were any dog parks in this city. There is a big one. Less than a mile from where we are looking. I almost started crying.****