I watched the SO write an email to a realtor last night.  He listed all the addresses of houses we’d like to look at this weekend.  Then, for me, he added “and any foreclosures in the area that are similar to these.”  I gave him a hug.  It is so easy to make me happy. 

Then he started talking about he figured it was his responsibility to keep me out of the ‘hood.  I can see that.  I’d be having conversations with the realtor like, “A four bedroom 3 bath colonial for $60,000?  What’s wrong with it? Next door to a crack house, you say? Well, I support small business….. $60,000 sounds wonderful.”

The thing is I’ve been house poor before.  The farm had a huge mortgage.  Then I moved in with the SO who has a mortgage that sounds more like rent payment.  I don’t want to go back to big payments especially in a buyer’s market like this.

And I’m cheap.  :)