I have met my inner child and she is a girly girl. We went to Lowe’s today to get things like a closet door and baseboards for the bedroom. While wandering the aisles I had to stop and coo over a pastel butterfly light switch cover and a purple butterfly nightlight. But then we went to the ceiling fan aisle. The room is wired for a ceiling fan but the ceiling is sort of low. I have visions of decapitation but the husband says we’ll need it for air circulation. I was actually hoping we’d find an attractive cover for the receptacle but I was stopped in my tracks by an absolute vision of girly girl loveliness.

I believe I stopped in my tracks and tried to form a coherent sentence. I ended up just pointing so the husband could appreciate. It was a pink ceiling fan with darker pink flowers painted on it. The husband had to go and point out that it had a light fixture on it which would make it way too low so we couldn’t get it. We got a white one and he has tried to console me by telling me I can paint it. Somehow it is not the same.