You know that thing that men do when you tell them an idea or theory that you have and they are pretty noncommittal and then a while later they come back and tell you that they’ve had a brilliant idea.  It just popped into their brain out of nowhere and they parrot back your idea to you.  Yeah, it is one of my favorite man things.

Last night the husband came home from picking up Z.  He sat down on the couch next to me and said tentatively, “I’m forming this theory.  It’s probably bullshit.  I hope it is bullshit.  But what if the things that make her so difficult aren’t her mental issues but just her personality?”

Me:  “Are you freaking kidding me?”

Him:  “You don’t think so?”

Me:  “Saturday evening.  Two weeks ago when she was here.  We sat on the bed and discussed this for about a half hour.”  I also wrote a whole blog post about it but I didn’t tell him that.

Him:  “Oh”

Me:  “Is that at all familiar to you?”

Him:  “Yeah, maybe….  Was it my idea or yours?”