It was an open gym day. We could go in and work on anything we needed help with. I decided to work on speed getting under the bar. When you are doing cleans or snatches and the weight gets heavy you want to get the bar moving quickly upwards and then you squat under it and catch it. It is a trick to be able to lift more weight than you could if you were just trying to lift it with arm strength alone. I suck at it.

I figured I’d go and get a few pointers and then work on it in a corner by myself. Nope, I showed up at a time when there were only a few people there. I had a trainer’s full attention. That’s never a good thing! LOL.

I did get better though. I was throwing around 95# like it was nothing. That’s been my max for a while so hopefully this will help.


Tried to go swimming again.  Worked on breathing.  Inhaled less of the pool.  Decided that I really need adult supervision.


Warm up started with a 400 m run carrying a 14# medicine ball.  Then we did squats and had to jump over the ball.

We did 4 light cleans every minute on the minute for 7 minutes.  I was doing 55 lbs.  No problem after Friday.

Then we did partner situps passing a medicine ball back and forth.  We did 30 sit ups each.

The workout was as many rounds as possible in 9 minutes of:

  • 11 thrusters – hold the bar at your chin and squat, stand and push it overhead.  I did 55#.  That’s heavy for me on that move and I wore out quickly.
  • 11 handstand pushups or 22 pikes

I managed to get through 3 rounds.  I could only do a few thrusters at a time without putting the bar down.