I’ve been reading several cookbooks from Netgalley, as I’m wont to do. It is time to round them up into a review post to justify myself to the Netgalley review overlords.

Plants Taste Better appears to be an update of a previous cookbook. The photography is beautiful. The recipes are purely made out of plants, which is how I like my food. The issue with this book is that it is very Fine Dining. The pictures show dishes that have like 3 pieces of a vegetable arranged on a plate and all I can think is that if I paid for that in a restaurant I’d be hungry and grumpy when I left.

So, pretty, yes. Probably some fancy techniques, yes. Would I make anything out of this, no.

I looked at this cookbook out of pure curiosity. I’ve been to Provence twice and have yet to have a decent meal. Ok, that isn’t entirely true. I’ve had delightful meals at Italian restaurants. Italian restaurants in the south of France make the best pizza in the entire world and yes, that includes Naples. Yeah, I know how many fighting words and potential international incidents I put in this paragraph but I stand by them.

Again, there wasn’t anything I was interested in making out of this book but it was pretty to look at. Sort of like France.

This was an original idea for a cookbook. It is all sauces to elevate anything else that you may be looking to eat. Everybody could find something interesting here. She had everything from sweet to herby to hot to savory. I’ll definitely be keeping a few from here.