Three weeks after the husband and I started dating I went out of town to be on Jeopardy.  We called each other all the time.  We actually ended up talking all night one night and didn’t even realize it.  I was getting mad because my phone battery was dying and I couldn’t figure out why until we realized we had been on the phone for 8 hours.

Fast forward eight years.  Now this happens when I go out of town.


When I came home this time the husband actually woke up and came out to greet me. He hugged me and then pulled back, stared into my eyes, and whispered, “Can I kiss you?” It was so sweet. It was like a scene out of those romantic novels. Then I remembered that I had been gloating about eating my body weight’s worth of his deadly allergens while I was gone and he literally wanted to know if I was safe or if it was going to be a kiss of death.

Now I’m home and he’s out of town. I told him that I realized that he’s the reason I get out of bed. Yep, when he’s not around Freckles and I lounge in bed and watch Netflix on the iPad.