I’ve created a monster. My mother is overachieving on her She’s not actually supposed to be working on it at all. Quilt Camp was on Monday. She supposedly finished the center and we will be working on it again when I am back there in a few weeks. But first she made some more blocks to extend her design. Then she called to make sure that it was ok to do that because her backing fabric wasn’t wide enough. I said it was ok to piece that so she sewed on the new blocks. That made it into a square. Then I questioned making the center of a throw quilt into a square. So now she’s wondering if she should go buy more fabric to make even more blocks before she puts her borders on so it can be a rectangle again.

I involved her in quilt camp because she was going to be buying a new sewing machine (which she didn’t) and figured it would be a good way for her to try it out. I didn’t know she was going to get so obsessed.