In all the years I’ve owned my camera I’ve never taken a video. I knew it was an option but just never did it. Today is our third snowstorm in a week. Normal temperatures for this time of year is 41F. If we get snow it leaves in a few days. Freckles was out playing in the snow so I tried to get video. I did it and figured out how to upload it. I was so proud. Then I decided to get her to do something to make a more interesting video. From her position on a big pillow on the couch, she declined.

Me: But this video is short. Go run around more
Her: Tired. Already jumped in snow drifts. Hard work for a dog. Feet frozen.
Me: Come on. You love snow.
Her: ***snore***

The sad part is that she wasn’t in a drift there. That’s just the unshoveled portion of the yard.