I got to start off this morning with a massage. That’s always a happy thing. The only problem is that the table leaves a curved line across my forehead. I was running to the grocery store afterwards so I either looked like a crazy person or someone exotic with strange markings on my face. I guess I can live with either one.

Since this is my day off I’m cooking ahead for the week again. I did pretty well with that last week. It definitely reduced the amount of processed food that I ate since I had things ready to reheat and eat when I got home. This week I’m making mashed cauliflower and a soup with lots of chickpeas and lentils. I need some more meals but I haven’t decided what yet.

At sewing day today I kept working on my blocks for the Quiltville Mystery Quilt. It isn’t a mystery anymore since lots of people are done with it but I’m taking my grand old time.

I read a blog post this morning that really inspired me. I’ve been reading this blog for a few weeks but this post summed up what the author has done in the last year. She lost 116 lbs since Jan. 4, 2009. The pictures are amazing. But be warned. Don’t click on that link if you want to be able to keep telling yourself that it is “too hard” to make healthy changes in your life.