Tomorrow, barring unforeseen circumstances, we’ll have a dog again. I didn’t think it was going to happen. We were approved last Wednesday by the breed rescue. Then we had to contact the foster home directly. They had someone already coming to see her on Sunday.

There was much sadness. We tried to imagine ways that the other people wouldn’t want her. The foster family was going to contact us if they didn’t take her. As of this morning we hadn’t heard anything. I decided to email them.

It turns out that the other family adopted a dog they saw previously. I’m going to meet her tomorrow. Provided she doesn’t bite me or run and hide from me and refuse to come out I’ll bring her home.

I went new dog shopping since of course nothing of Snowball’s will work for this dog. I picked up a collar and lead made of soy fibers. I’m such a hippie at heart. I got her an ID tag made which is one of the requirements to take her home. Then I had to get food (bigger bags than Snowball ever thought of eating). I got a really comfy snuggly bed that if she refuses to use I will sleep with every night. No pet of mine has every used a bed that I bought for them. Apparently I suck at bed selection.

I also picked out a fleece bone with a squeeker. I don’t know if she likes toys. I’m not used to having to get toys. Snowball refused to lower herself to use toys and they didn’t make much for tiny dogs anyway. My previous big dogs made do with homemade toys since I was a poor student at the time and my parents weren’t going to get dog toys.

Riley is going to have a fit. He is terrified of big dogs. He was all tough with Snowball since she was half his size but I’m afraid he’ll run away from home. Powder doesn’t like new pets either. When I got Riley she went into the garage and sat in the rafters with her back to me for three days until I went out and gave her a stern talking-to. Of course knowing how much grief Riley has given her over the years sitting shiva may have been an appropriate response!