Meet Freckles. She’s a five-ish Springer Spaniel mix that we adopted through the breed rescue. I picked her up yesterday. Her foster dad didn’t want to let her go. I had to say, “Yes, I want her” three times. He kept saying, “Now, you aren’t under any obligation…”.

It was a 2.5 hour trip home. Within 5 minutes of leaving she was snoring on the front seat. She slept the whole way home.

She hit the house running. She chased both cats. It wasn’t out of meanness. She wanted to play with them. They ran to high ground. Freckles ran around the house at full speed for 20 minutes checking out every inch including on top of the beds. Powder won’t come off the armoire. Riley is sort of standing up for himself. He hisses at her and I think he smacked her on the nose once. Then he boldly decided to walk in the open. That ended with a game of chicken where Riley ran first so she chased him. Then he established his territory on the bed. On his worst most stressful days he likes a 10 minute cuddle. He slept with me for several hours last night. I think she chased him again this morning. We’ll have to work on that.

Eventually she settled down until the SO came home. She ran up to him in the yard and barked once then licked his hand. They are buddies now.

She slept all night on her bed next to ours. Then she got up when the SO got up. He told her to “go protect Mommy” when he left which in Freckles-speak means “run upstairs and jump on the bed and sleep with my head on Daddy’s pillow.”

She’s at work with me now. At least Powder will get to come down and eat and use the litterbox! She doesn’t like it when she has to go in a kennel. She may think she’s back at the pound. Right now she’s sleeping on my lap. She’s the lap dog Snowball never was. She wants to play with the dogs here in grooming but no one wants to play with her. Tomorrow we’ll go to the other clinic where there is a staff member’s puppy who will be thrilled to play with her. Then she’ll have friends.