When we were discussing getting a new dog, the SO remarked that he would like a dog that slept at the foot of the bed. I replied with a vehement “Absolutely Not!”

We have a double bed. In it we put two humans. This works only if the humans like each other and neither one hogs the bed. Add to this one Powder-cat who most definitely sees it as her right to hog the bed. How can an eight pound cat take up more room than a human? I don’t know. Somehow the laws of physics don’t apply to sleeping cats. Who get shoved when the bed runs out of room? Me. I end up balanced on the edge of the bed and then get the grumpy end of the cat when I make her move. I am NOT adding a dog to the mix.

Freckles, on the other hand, has obviously spent some time sleeping in a bed. We went to bed on day 1 and she hopped right in bed. We explained to her that her bed was this fine blue fuzzy thing on the floor and she slept there happily. Last night I go to bed and she hops in too. I say no and put her on the floor. She hops back up. I put her down. After the third repetition of this she gave me a look that said that she was very disappointed in me and went back downstairs to finish a movie with the SO.

Immediately Riley was on the bed. He shot a look at the departing dog that said, “You may be big and scary but I don’t have to get off the bed.” Power play established.

Fast forward to 1 AM. The SO had come to bed earlier. Riley was still sleeping by my head. And something was touching my feet. I sat up. I touched it. I said, “You are a sneaky little brat!” Freckles had waited until we were both asleep and then crept into bed in such a way that she didn’t wake anyone up and went to sleep. She looked at me lazily, “I TOLD you I sleep on the bed!”

She got to stay because a 28 lb dog takes up less room than an 8 lb Powder.

3 Replies to “Turf Wars”

  1. My lab sleeps with me while the SO is on the road. It has taken him ages to understand that he cannot be on the bed when the SO is home. He thinks we are asleep so he puts up one paw, waits. Places another paw. Waits. Lifts his hindquarters off the ground and onto the bed and then REALLY waits because that usually disturbs us. Gets pretty silly. But I think he has finally given up. Although this morning I woke up with me off my pillow and him ON the pillow, the brat!

    Hugs to Freckles, sounds like she’s a good fit!

  2. Oh dear, having two cats, I can totally relate. At one point my parents had four cats all of whom slept on their bed! With them in it!

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