Today I started applying the decluttering mantra to the quilt stash. I pulled out the container of unfinished stuff and started sewing.

In 2003 I was part of a Nifty 50 swap. Each participant made 50 copies of a block. These were then swapped out so everyone got 50 different blocks. I have no idea what possessed me to do this. Making 50 of the same block drove me batty. I got the blocks and then never did anything with them.

Today I pulled them out and started sewing them randomly together. They are 12 inches square. I put 24 in each quilt top so I guess I have to refer to these as the Nifty 48 quilts now.
They will be charity quilts.

Here’s the first one together. I pulled it over to get out of the sunbeam and didn’t get it spread out right. It isn’t that wavy in real life:


The other one is almost done. They didn’t turn out too bad for just random blocks.