The husband and I developed an addiction to TETRIS last week. Yes, I know we’re about 20 years behind the time but he was updating his computer and found it again. Our goal was to play it to the end. This is not because we are great Tetris players. Actually, we suck. But it has a continue feature so when you die you have 9 seconds to say you want to keep going. I was convinced that the game went to 100 and then started over. He didn’t know. But it did give us much quality time and opportunities for encouraging and uplifting each other.

“It goes over there! No over there! You are awful at this game. My turn. Don’t you start over. It’s my turn. You suck! etc. etc. etc.”

I thought for a while that this was a strange tetris-induced disease but then I figured we’d have the same problem if we were trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle together. We decided it was best to play when the other one wasn’t around. I got it to level 99. I was so proud. I kept playing. I kept winning. After three more tries I accepted what I was seeing on the board as fact. No matter how many times you win after level 99 the board says you are level 99. You could play forever and never seem like you are advancing. This is the definition of hell. Experiment over. Maybe we’ll have to get a jigsaw puzzle.


I feel famous! I was looking at my stats and found out that someone googled “heather vegan evil mother in law”. That’s me! Except I’m not a vegan just a vegetarian but I still feel famous!
I also got a hit from someone looking to beat a paternity test and a person looking for info on anal exams. Bet they were disappointed.
I learn alot when I look at my stats. I didn’t realize what kind of porn people want to see “based on a true story.” I’d like to think that some of those surely don’t happen in real life.


I got hit on my a client last week. I had seen him once before to vaccinate a dog. He walks into the exam room and says, “Hi, Beautiful!” I’m good at ignoring things so I didn’t let that faze me. But then during the course of the exam he kept saying weird things. His puppy was licking me and he said that he was sure I got that reaction from all the dogs because I’m so loving and kind. Whatever. Then he asked if I had any pets. So I gave him the rundown. He kept talking about what a wonderful person I was in such a dreamy voice. That’s dreamy as in dream-like not dreamy as in I’m going to dream about it. He was sort of creepy. I didn’t even stop him when I told him his dog was really sick. He just kept thanking me for caring and “god bless”ing me and then called me Sweetheart as he left. This causes the staff and the husband much amusement by the way. I told them all that least someone appreciates me. That made them laugh harder.


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