I survived another weekend of trying to get the husband to refrain from discussing my paganism with my parents. He has no clue. Even though his dad was a pastor he didn’t live with him. He has no idea what Christian parents can be like. Since he also has no understanding of paganism anything that he is liable to say to the parent people will be wrong anyway.

He’s a militant “Merry Christmas” person. He decries “Happy Holidays” as the spoilsport greeting of the politically correct. He doesn’t want to listen to my point of view on the subject. He was going on this weekend about how we were going to get signs that say “Merry Christmas”, “God Bless America”, and “In God we trust” as a matter of principle. He looked at me strangely when he said it. For a while I thought he might be messing with me because he knows that I wouldn’t fight back with the parents here. So as soon as they left I asked him if that is what he was doing. His ever so eloquent response? “Huh?” Ok, so I was giving him too much credit thinking he was playing mindgames. He’s just clueless.

We did however forge common ground on Yule/Christmas decorations. I’m against them. He’s for them. My mother helped him put up the tree. We don’t have a tree topper. He came up with the idea of putting a UFO on top. (In his version of Christianity everything in the Bible is real if you start with the premise that God is an alien and that the Star of Bethleham was Jesus being beamed down from the mother ship.) Unfortunately, WalMart didn’t have any toy UFOs today or we would have made our own unique tree topper that celebrates moving away from religious dogma.

He also said that he almost bought me a pagan book but didn’t because he knew I wouldn’t want to open it in front of my parents. I asked what it was.

Him: Pagan horoscopes
Me: Horoscopes?
Him: Yeah
Me: But I don’t do horoscopes.
Him: PAGAN horoscopes. They would have been good.

At least he’s trying to understand. I bought some moon charms the other day to decorate the scrapbook pages I made about the moonrise celebration in October. He noticed and said that I bought pagan stuff in front of my mother. I had to explain to him that sometimes a moon is just a moon.

But he had me hyperventilating in Lowe’s today because in the middle of buying a new showerhead he said that we didn’t have to worry about water conservation because we have a well and don’t pay for water.

So one step forward and one step back in the evil scheme to move him around to my way of thinking.