I went to the Ostara ritual last night. It was an interesting experience. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. But there were some freaky people. One guy came dressed in a cloak and wearing a dagger. He was wearing it in much more of an Errol Flynn as Robin Hood manner than a religious manner. He actually took it off for the ritual. Freaky Boy, as I was calling him in my mind because I’m bad with names, took particular interest in making me feel involved and comfortable. Since he was the person making me most uncomfortable that was ironic.

The ritual was very simple and very Wiccan. We were smudged as we entered the room and then called the quarters and cast the circle. There was a little chanting and energy raising, eating and drinking, and then sharing concerns and thanks. I didn’t feel much during the ritual. I think that’s because it was my first time and I was making sure I did things right more than concentrating.

There was a potluck dinner afterwards. I’m a quiet and shy person. I listen a lot more than I talk in social situations. I kept being told to “Speak up, honey! Don’t just sit there!” There were a few people there I would be interested in getting to know better. I don’t know that I have much in common with the crowd who was discussing the best way to drink out of a horn though.

They are very excited about their Beltane plans. I was told it was going to be outside with fires, drumming, and dancing. I think I’ll go.