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I had plans for a nice little ostara ritual. I should know better.

Spirit decided to be sick again yesterday morning. He was flat out on his side in the arena when I decided that obviously my drugs weren’t working so I called in reinforcements. Of course by the time reinforcements came, he was up and eating his breakfast in his stall. Lots of medication and Spirit-annoying later, he is feeling better. But this morning when I wanted to put his halter on him, he turned his head away. I had to give him solemn promises that we were just going outside and that it was not a trick to give him more medicine before he would let me put it on.

After all that I had some time before I had to go to work. I lit a small fire in the outdoor fireplace and lit an incense stick off of that. I poured out water and birdseed on the ground as offerings. Then I decided it was too cold and windy to stay outside and my incense stick kept blowing out anyway. So I came inside and relit the incense. I took it into each room and asked a blessing on each room and the activities that took place there. I worked my way through the house ending at the altar downstairs where I left the stick to finish burning.

I ended up nice even though (or maybe because) it was made up on the fly.

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  • Turtleheart

    Happy spring equinox! Like you, my plans for celebrating don’t often turn out the way they were planned. But I tend to find that when I end up improvising, I end up with something more heartfelt, too.

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