I wore this dog out yesterday. She went to work with me to get groomed. We came home about 7:00 PM and she went to bed. She just got up at 11:00 AM this morning long enough to go outside and now has gone back to bed for her regularly scheduled naptime.


Snowball hates bandannas. But the groomer said she was saving this batik material for special dogs only so she had to wear it whether she wanted to or not. I decided to get the picture before she tore it off.

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  1. Awww, very sweet!!!! Bandanas look so good on white dogs!!!!

    The inlaws used to have a shih-poo that got a bandana every time she went in for a grooming, and Tasha (the dog) loved those things. I swear she knew how pretty she looked wearing it (and freshly groomed) and she’d prance around, and she’d get all prissy when it was put on her.

    I’ve tried putting one on my dog Jenny, and she doesn’t mind wearing them, but she chews them up. So it’s kinda pointless to put one on her. We had a cool red, white & blue bandana for her at one point, but she chewed it all to bits.

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