Because of conflicting schedules with Ozzie’s babysitter I didn’t get him back from vacation until today. I walked into work and knew he was there but couldn’t see him. I said hi to people and heard this tentative chirp from the office. I walked in there and he got so excited that he was vibrating. I’ve never seen him do that before. I reached into the cage and he jumped onto my hand. As soon as my hand cleared the cage door he flew to my shoulder and cuddled. He usually just walks up my arm but I guess that was too slow today.

I had to put him back to see some appointments but as soon as we got a break I got him back out. He flew to me again for cuddles. It is hard to tell with him what he is thinking about me but I guess he missed me. He lives in the dining room. I never realize how much I talk to him until he’s not there. I still talk because I forget he’s gone but now I’m just a crazy woman talking to walls. 

He’s my most senior pet now. We’ve been together for 15 years. He’s an old man for a lovebird. But now I know he really likes me.