By 7:45 last night it hurt to breathe. Not hurt exactly. It was more like there was a band around my lower ribs that restricted my breathing. 

I had a rough night. My subconcious went batty. I’ve been listening to a story about maids on audio book. I started reading a book about werewolves yesterday. I play too much rummikub on facebook. My brain put that all together and gave me a dream about werewolf maids that came in four colors and stood in lines and then there was a missing kid. My brain couldn’t make a coherent story out of it so I’d wake up and roll over and by then the pain had shown up. I’d fall back asleep and the dream would start again and then I’d wake up and say ow again. I’m really tired this morning.

The SO is off work today so I’ve brought the pylometrics DVD to work to do it when appointments are over. Between the tired and the pain I’m not sure how well this is going to work.

I tried it. I did about half of it before we had to leave. Then I came home and collapsed. I slept for four hours. I think I really am sick. I knew p90x would kill me after the first workout!  Just kidding. I think it is the flu or something.