Remember my stairs?


That is mid-way through the destruction phase.

And the upstairs hall?


Look what they’ve turned into so far!



The ugly blue carpet is gone. The 10 bajillion staples were removed and the staple holes filled. The stains were banished with linseed oil and steel wool. When we go away in November the stairs will be polyurethaned and then we will probably put a runner on them for safety and protection from pet nails.


I haven’t bought any coins lately. Ebay doesn’t have that many good deals any more. I found a site today though that is going to cost me money. It is called Beautiful Coins and that sums it up. I like cheap 1 oz silver coins with animals. This site gave me a whole lot of new coins to be looking for that I didn’t even know about. I had to buy one coin though. It doesn’t totally fit the criteria – it is about a 1/2 oz and it was way too much for that size of a coin but it was so pretty. It is from Poland (my ancestors would be proud) celebrating the 450th anniversary of the post office.


It has a 16th century postal courier on a horse and look at the pretty colors. It appealed to my “Oh, Look! Shiny!” side.


The Aliens landed in the Dear Jane Quilt at D-5. The pink block is c-4.