Sewing day

These are M-9 and L-11. I tried to take this picture with my new phone. That worked ok. Then I tried to send it to flickr. That didn’t. The problem is that my new Droid II is smarter than me […]

Picture Day

Remember my stairs? That is mid-way through the destruction phase. And the upstairs hall? Look what they’ve turned into so far! The ugly blue carpet is gone. The 10 bajillion staples were removed and the staple holes filled. The stains […]

I-8 and I-9

It hurts to sew! After my 2 hour personal workout class yesterday my obliques hurt. I went to a yoga class this morning to see if I could get it all stretched out. I wasn’t happy with the class. It […]

My day

M-11 and A-5 of Dear Jane. A-5 is hiding a bit ashamedly because after fussy cutting lizards most carefully I trimmed the whole block off center. We will never speak of this again. _______________________________ The SO belongs to a gym. […]

Quilting Today

I made more Dear Jane blocks. These are H-3 and M-1. I about destroyed my sewing machine on the first one. It jammed and I broke a needle and knocked the bobbin assembly out of alignment. I had to take […]

Sewing Day

I made more Dear Jane blocks today. The star block center is bugging me but I don’t feel like tearing it out. That center star is tiny (the whole block is only 5 inches) so just having it shift a […]

I’ve gone Picasso

I sewed more Dear Jane blocks today. I think half the fun for me is to take the horrible directions that my friends have and figure out easier ways to do them. They took the class from a woman who […]

This week

Today’s Workout – Ran 1.5 miles and walked 1 mile (warm up and cool down – getting to where I wanted to run and getting back) I decided that I should go out and run on a flatter part of […]