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21 Sep, 2010

Sewing day

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dear jane m9 L11

These are M-9 and L-11.

I tried to take this picture with my new phone. That worked ok. Then I tried to send it to flickr. That didn’t. The problem is that my new Droid II is smarter than me and it knows it. I didn’t sacrifice a chicken or chant to the right gods before I asked it so it refused to send an email with an attachment.

14 Sep, 2010

Picture Day

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Remember my stairs?


That is mid-way through the destruction phase.

And the upstairs hall?


Look what they’ve turned into so far!



The ugly blue carpet is gone. The 10 bajillion staples were removed and the staple holes filled. The stains were banished with linseed oil and steel wool. When we go away in November the stairs will be polyurethaned and then we will probably put a runner on them for safety and protection from pet nails.


I haven’t bought any coins lately. Ebay doesn’t have that many good deals any more. I found a site today though that is going to cost me money. It is called Beautiful Coins and that sums it up. I like cheap 1 oz silver coins with animals. This site gave me a whole lot of new coins to be looking for that I didn’t even know about. I had to buy one coin though. It doesn’t totally fit the criteria – it is about a 1/2 oz and it was way too much for that size of a coin but it was so pretty. It is from Poland (my ancestors would be proud) celebrating the 450th anniversary of the post office.


It has a 16th century postal courier on a horse and look at the pretty colors. It appealed to my “Oh, Look! Shiny!” side.


The Aliens landed in the Dear Jane Quilt at D-5. The pink block is c-4.


07 Sep, 2010

I-8 and I-9

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It hurts to sew! After my 2 hour personal workout class yesterday my obliques hurt. I went to a yoga class this morning to see if I could get it all stretched out. I wasn’t happy with the class. It was a different instructor than Saturday’s class. I like a stereotypical hippie yoga teacher with a soothing voice. This one was more drill instructor. She also didn’t explain anything so either you knew the pose or you guessed. She didn’t fix anyone’s postures so if you were wrong so be it. I think I’ll stick with the other teacher.

But then I came home to sew and it hurts to hold myself upright at the sewing machine.


These are Dear Jane I-8 and I-9.

31 Aug, 2010

My day

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M-11 and A-5 of Dear Jane. A-5 is hiding a bit ashamedly because after fussy cutting lizards most carefully I trimmed the whole block off center. We will never speak of this again.


The SO belongs to a gym. This is a bit odd because we have a home gym that is fairly extensive. But he wisely decided that he needs burly men around him when he exercised. (Not that I would mind that myself, I guess.) He decided this after a few times of asking me to spot him when he was bench pressing. Since he makes a habit of bench pressing around 350 lbs, my only assistance would be calling 911.

So he goes to the gym and then regales me with stories of steam rooms and saunas. I can not go through another winter of shivering while he speaks of heat. Plus, the gym now has a lot of yoga classes so I decided to sign up too. I went this morning to sign up. I was going to get a couples membership. I was wondering if there was a test for that. Do we have to prove that we’re a couple? Do we have to pick each other out of a lineup and kiss? Anyway, it turned out that it was cheaper for me to pretend not to know him and sign up for their special of $99 for 3 months. He’s on his own.

When I was walking in there was a guy I know leaving. He was a friend of the ex and was in our wedding. I haven’t seen him in years. It is a sign of our separate lives while married that this would be the second time I’ve seen one of the ex’s friends since the separation 3 years ago. I said hi to him and he slid to a stop. He’s always been shy with me but he was stammering. We talked for a minute or so and I let him go. I went and signed up. Then I went to the grocery store. He was walking out of the store. I just sat in my car and let him get in his. After not seeing him for about 5 years, I think running into him twice in a half an hour counts as stalking!

I’m off now to get my knee acupunctured. “Going to the pokey doctor” as one friend calls it. Two Thursdays ago I did fast track work and annoyed the knee that had patellar tendonitis. Then I ran a 5K two days later. I’ve been lame ever since. No running, no anything and it still hurts. Acupuncture is the only thing that has helped it in the past so hopefully this works.

24 Aug, 2010

Quilting Today

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dear jane

I made more Dear Jane blocks. These are H-3 and M-1. I about destroyed my sewing machine on the first one. It jammed and I broke a needle and knocked the bobbin assembly out of alignment. I had to take the whole machine apart and put it back together before it decided to work for me again.

10 Aug, 2010

Sewing Day

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Dear Jane

I made more Dear Jane blocks today. The star block center is bugging me but I don’t feel like tearing it out. That center star is tiny (the whole block is only 5 inches) so just having it shift a bit during sewing made me cut off the points. These are blocks B-10 and G-6.

27 Jul, 2010

I’ve gone Picasso

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I sewed more Dear Jane blocks today. I think half the fun for me is to take the horrible directions that my friends have and figure out easier ways to do them. They took the class from a woman who believed that every block was better if you could figure a way to get some hand applique into it. Not me.


These are blocks D-12 and M-5. The orange and white I converted from piecing and applique to paperpiecing. It may have been faster to applique since I had a heck of a time getting them to line up but it is the principle of the matter! I’m calling M-5 “Pink Dachshunds on Parade.”

This is my Picasso block. It is made from a Laurel Birch cat fabric. I love the way the eyes are peeking out of the corners.


22 Jul, 2010

This week

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Today’s Workout – Ran 1.5 miles and walked 1 mile (warm up and cool down – getting to where I wanted to run and getting back)

I decided that I should go out and run on a flatter part of the park which is mostly mowed grass trails. I could work on some speed then. That totally didn’t work out as expected. Those trails slope sideways and there are vines that kept reaching out and tangling up my shoes. Very rude. I ended up running even slower.

So, I ended up going slow and easy. My next major running challenge is going to be pushing myself. I’m at the point where I can consistently run 1.5 to 2 slow miles without being winded. Wow. Ok, now I need to work harder since obviously this isn’t helping me lose weight. But I’m a wimp about pushing hard on cardio. As soon as I start to breathe hard my brain decides that I’m dying and starts screaming at me to stop. I need to look up some speedwork routines because I need structure to make myself work harder. Just going out with a vague idea to “run faster” isn’t going to work for me.



I made three more Dear Jane blocks this week. Clockwise from top left they are A8, A2, and K10. I copied A2 from a picture on the internet that I thought was the right size. I made a paperpiecing pattern from that. Turns out that picture was actually too big so I lost my points when I trimmed it to size. Someday I’ll have to decide if that bothers me enough in the grand scheme of things to redo it.


Random confusing vet conversation of the day yesterday:

A kid asked me, “Why do some dogs have dark patches on their gums?”
Me: “It’s just pigment.”
Him: “Like Freckles?”
In my brain: “How does he know if my dog has dark gums? I don’t even know if she does. Oh, wait….”
Me out loud: “Yeah, like freckles on your face.”