Pin It And Do It Challenge #1

I signed up to do the Pin it and Do it challenge for August since I spend lots of time on Pinterest and ought to actually do something except look at pictures of David Tennett on the Doctor Who fan sites.

Last night I decided to make cupcakes inspired by these:

Following the pin back to the source you find this site’s Hi Hat Cupcakes.

Yeah, I don’t do decorating like that. I was more interested in frosting with a combination of marshmallow and chocolate. So, I made cupcakes from a boxed cake mix (gasp!).

Then I found this recipe for Marshmallow Fluff Frosting.

It didn’t have a picture. I cut the sugar in half when I made it and it was still teeth-achingly sweet. The key to working with Marshmallow Fluff is to spray your utensils with cooking spray over and over. (Yep, my contribution to cooking tutorials is how to work with Fluff. No wonder my trainer cries when we talk about nutrition!)

I kept the icing in the frig until I was ready to frost so it was cold. Then I put the frosted cupcakes in the freezer for a while. That way I could use Magic Shell topping. That’s the topping that you put on ice cream that hardens automatically when it hits anything cold. I just drizzled it over the cold icing for a bit of a chocolate shell since the frosting was already super sweet.

I have a picture, but, look at the pin picture. I’m not putting mine near that. They look like they were iced by drunk monkeys. But they taste great and that’s all that matters.


  • Trish

    Drunken Monkeys–I think that could be the name of a Pinterest Board: “Made by Drunken Monkeys”

    I’m glad that these turned out well for you and thank you so much for participating in the challenge! Will keep in mind the cooking spray tip if I ever work with fluff.

  • Jenna

    Honestly, I can’t imagine ANY baked good looking as fab as the pin picture! Good call on how to work with fluff… I avoid it because it is so damn messy- now I know how to handle that issue 🙂

  • Meg

    Iced by drunk monkeys — ha! I’m sure they’re not bad at all, but I can relate to not wanting to compete with real-deal food photos! The frosting looks delicious.

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