WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I love watching the Olympics. I’m using NBC’s Live Extra app on my iPad so I can watch everything live. I don’t care about the sports they show on TV. I want to see obscure stuff that you can only see at Olympic time. Of course, I want to watch the equestrian events (See that phrasing? “Equestrian events” is proper use of the word equestrian as an adjective. It drives me batty that every time the Olympics comes around they label all the equine events as Equestrian. It isn’t a term horse people use for themselves as a noun. Ok, rant over).

I’m using the Olympics to add to my sewing time. I pulled out a long term UFO. I made this quilt years ago intending to donate it to Quilts of Valor but it ended up being too small. I loved it and I didn’t want to add borders and it annoyed me so I put it away. Yesterday I bought some border fabric and added them. This is the Women’s 10 m Platform Synchronized Diving quilt top.

qov1 top

Watching the Olympics has given me some more opportunities to hand sew also. May I present the Women’s 45 kg Weightlifting bird hexagon flower and the Cross Country phase of the Three-Day Event polka dot flower.


I did feel slightly odd while watching weightlifting to get tips on form for my workouts while hand sewing a flower. Two sides of my personality were colliding.