The progress on the potential kid’s bedroom is amazing! I’m still not used to having workers show up, stay a full day, and do enough work during that day that you can see progress being made. Today they are sanding the mud they put up a few days ago. They will probably be ready to prime it on the next visit. The visit after that they will paint and then they are done.

I’ve been thinking about paint colors. I wasn’t sure what I wanted. The workers recommended eggshell white to the husband. The poor guys don’t know that the husband has the mind of a graphic designer so not only are they not painting the room eggshell white but they will most likely be painting each wall a different color. I found a bedspread I liked last night so I think I’ll go get it today. It has lots of different colors in it so it will be a perfect inspiration for picking paint colors.

We are definately at the point now where we can apply for a homestudy. The husband will be home tomorrow from a business trip so maybe we can get that paperwork done this weekend and get started.