I’m having fun on vacation. Getting the husband to do stuff has been a bit hard. His idea of a good time would be to go to a movie. I told him that I could have stayed home and done that. He said that that was the point. It would make us feel at home. Again, men don’t think right.

We’ve been to the riverwalk for dinner both nights. We took the boat tour of the riverwalk area. It was built as part of the WPA for flood control. Now a 3 mile stretch is lined with shops and restaurants.

Yesterday we went to Mission San Jose and Mission San Juan. I introduced the husband to letterboxing. He thought that I was quite the freak until I showed him the logbooks in the boxes with signatures from lots of people around the country. Then he started muttering about “lots of people who shouldn’t be allowed to roam the streets.”

Last night we went to the Alamo. It is right downtown. It seems quite odd to see it nestled in between the large hotels. It was night so we couldn’t go in but it was pretty all lit up. There was a full moon right behind it so we got some good pictures of that. I’ll post some later. There was a guy across the street preaching about wickedness. I was waiting for him to tie in the defense of the Alamo with wickedness but it seemed to be an “one tourist location fits all” speech. When he asked who among us was wicked I dutifully raised my hand but he didn’t call on me. He didn’t seem much for audience participation.

Today the plan is to go to a show cave and then head back downtown to look around some more. Maybe tonight we’ll go to a movie to make the husband feel at home. He did say that he was glad I flew down and made him get out and look at things. Otherwise he said that he’d have spent his free days between meetings hanging out in his room. See last post for what we now know that entails.