Driving around San Antonio you see billboards advertising a Women of Faith convention taking place later this month. That’s nice, right? Harness the power of women coming together and celebrating their faiths as a force for change in the world.

Except, apparently, I wouldn’t be invited.

Women of Faith Believes….

The Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, inerrant Word of God.

etc, etc, etc….

The sad thing is that I knew as soon as I saw the signs that they didn’t really mean “Women of Faith”. They meant “Women with the exact same faith as us.” That is what irritates people of minority faiths. We don’t care if you are a Christian, just don’t automatically assume that we are all Christians too.

It is so ingrained that I had to work hard to find “We are Christians” spelled out on the website. Check out these two back to back statements from the FAQ list.

Is the Women of Faith conference non-denominational?
Women of Faith is an interdenominational women’s ministry committed to helping women of all faiths, backgrounds, age groups, and nationalities. (emphasis mine)

What denomination are the Women of Faith speakers and what church do they belong to?
We understand that denominational ties are important to many people.
However, we’ve found that it’s best to focus on our common beliefs in Jesus and His saving grace rather than our differences.

And if you don’t have a common belief in Jesus? Why it can’t even be imagined and you most certainly can’t be considered a Woman of Faith.