Two Chihuahuas were needed their vaccines today.  They had previously gotten minimal vaccines.  I told my assistant to assess their lifestyles to see if anything had changed in case they needed more vaccines.  I said, “If they go to parks or anything they should get more but if they are the type of Chihuahuas whose feet never touch the ground what they’ve been getting is fine.”

He talked to the owners and they decided to stay on their current plan.  I examined the first one and vaccinated it and the assistant lifted him off the table to put him on the ground.  The owner started yipping, “No, not on the ground!”

Then I noticed that she had them standing on folders of papers when they were on the exam table.  I thought it was accidental but when I helpfully moved them out of the way she put them back and said, “I’m sure you are all clean here but….”