I am a Disney hater. I don’t like crowds or commercialism. I paticularly hate the idea of Disney because I have a stepchild whose autistic brain is obsessed with Disney. She has the parks, the hotels, and the cruise ship layouts memorized and talks about them nonstop. She has no other topic of conversation.

But I was Orlando with a free day and decided to see if anything had changed.

I did 2 hours at Animal Kingdom where thankfully most people don’t care about the animal exhibits so those areas weren’t crowded. I went to the Magic Kingdom but left after 20 minutes. Those are not my people. I fled to Epcot which was the least crowded and happiest.


Now I have long days of conferences until Thursday when I go to Universal where the Harry Potter megafans are MY people!

Next week I’ll post photos from Animal Kingdom. Linking up with West Metro Mommy Reads.