I love going to conferences. The main reason is that I’m an introvert in a job where I have to talk to 50-70 sets of people a day. At a conference I can be surrounded by thousands of people and not have to talk to any of them but waitresses for a whole week. Heaven!

What I’ve Learned So Far

  • I’m out of the loop.  The first speaker had a whole list of TV shows he’s been on.  I’ve never seen any of them.
  • I snagged my first free pen of the conference during the first lecture.  Score!
  • The lecturer for my second lecture said, “Who doesn’t like a good polka?”  That’s my opinion too.
  • My favorite restaurant in the universe is here.  I’m happy.
  • I got a free Build a Bear.  Not sure why they were giving them out but I got one in case the 10 million other ones we have at home get lonely.
  • I hate the sound of people whispering and laughing if I’m not involved.
  • I liked it when another grumpy lady shushed them. I’m a bad person.
  • I’m incapable of single-tasking.  I can’t listen to a lecture and take notes without also playing a game on my iPad.
  • I’m glad I went to vet school before iPads.
  • One moderator said there was to be no photography or typing.  I wondered why no typing before my Southern to English translation part of my brain kicked in and realized he meant “no taping.”
  • On the shuttle to the convention center this morning I saw three hot air balloons.  On the back to the car on the shuttle, there were three biplanes.  I hope we keep evolving through the week.  I want to see UFOs.