Meet Bernie. We dog sat on Saturday. He was visiting some neighbors of ours from his house in Wisconsin. All his humans went on a day trip so he came to us. He’s a Springer Spaniel/Beagle mix too. I think dogs are like cars. You never notice certain types until you get one and then they are everywhere.

Freckles and Bernie had great fun until the bone incident. Freckles had a rawhide that she never played with. It had been around for six months. Bernie chewed on it and that was ok. But then he buried it under the pillows on the couch and stood on top of it to protect it. That made it a valuable commodity and therefore it was Freckles’. Let the argument begin. I had to finally take it from both of them.

Don’t tell Freckles but we gave it Bernie when he left. We knew she’d never look at it again once he was gone.

There was an almost tragedy this week. Freckles’ best dog friend Bosco, who she stayed with for the week we went to D.C., ran away. He was in the big city being babysat by one of his people’s kids (who he doesn’t like) and he took off. He was finally found days later in a park about 15 miles away. He was heading in the general direction of home. Everyone was very worried about him. He’s very skittish around women and strangers so I’m surprised he went up to anyone. He must have been hungry so he let strangers catch him and read his ID.